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I Got Wires

Ladies, Ever hear this advice? You’re thinking too much, stop overthinking everything! Just think positive! Just relax and don’t think about it! Stop making it so much more complicated than it needs to be! Just be confident! I think we can all say in unison, YES. And when we get what sounds like such simple advice, we try to implement it. And we fail miserably. One of the simplest and most brilliant descriptions of the difference between a man’s brain and a woman’s brain I’ve heard is this: Men’s brains are broken into boxes. He has a job box,...

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Behind the Blocks

What if I lose? What if I don’t go fast? What if I’m just not as good as I think I am? That is what I heard when I asked a young woman what she was thinking when she was standing behind the blocks getting ready to race. My jaw dropped. How could this elite athlete have those kinds of thoughts going through her mind? Her jaw dropped too. She never intended on getting that honest with me, it was just a moment of unexpected vulnerability. I had been trying to get her to be honest with me for...

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The Mind of the Female Athlete

A few weeks ago, I wrote a FB post about male coaches that “get it.” “Getting it” means understanding that their female athletes do not think like them, and advice that works for them doesn’t necessarily work for their female athletes. Although both men and women experience fear, pressure and doubts, women process it in a completely different way. I heard a whirlwind of comments. I’m guessing that some of the comments that I 100% disagreed with were left by men that don’t know what I do, or know that I work one on one with quite a few...

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Bravely Moving Forward After Sexual Abuse

As a child, I thought my abuse occurred and continued both because I wasn’t enough of something and yet was too much of something else. Not good enough to be treated right but too pretty to be left alone. Attracting too much attention but not outspoken enough to tell. Too smart for my own good but not smart enough to avoid what I knew was wrong. I existed in a constant state of confusion, never knowing what I was going to get and why. Did I do too much and ask for it? Or was I not enough and...

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BITCH. Let’s talk about that word, shall we?

I work with quite a few teenage female athletes. On more than one occasion, I’ve been told that their coaches are telling them to bring out their “inner bitch” in competition. And recently, I’ve been told that a coach told his whole team that they need to be bigger bitches when they compete. The young women are usually pretty confused, because they don’t feel like they’re a bitch, and they don’t really understand how to be one. Honestly, I hear this pretty consistently, and every time, I want to scream! Look, I’m not stupid, I totally understand what the...

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