As any athlete can tell you, it takes a lot of support to get to an elite level. Coach Christen is one of the most instrumental pieces in my support system. She always brings out the best in me, as an athlete and as a person. She taught me how to be confident in myself, how to trust that confidence, and how to use it to be successful. Before working with Coach Christen, my goal of making the 2016 United States Olympic Team was just a dream. Today, largely because of Coach Christen’s help, support, and guidance, that dream is a reality.

Katie Meili

2016 Gold and Bronze Olympic Medalist, 2017 World Championships Silver Medalist

Coach Christen is so special in a million ways, but particularly in her ability to relate to each individual’s journey in her talks. It feels as though she is speaking directly into your heart. Her loving, accepting, and vulnerable attitude makes you feel like you’ve known her your entire life, and she could not be a more perfect person to talk to the importance of confidence and believing in oneself. The importance of mental strength and confidence can often be grossly understated, and finally we have someone like Christen to address the most important aspect of sports and of self-esteem, believing that you can. You walk away feeling like you have gained not only a new perspective, but also tools and skills to help to achieve your greatest goals, in and out of the sporting arena. God placed an angel in my life when He gave me Christen.

Missy Franklin

5x Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record Holder, World Champion

Coach Christen has done it all. She has competed as an elite athlete, has coached Olympians and NCAA champions, and now works as a confidence coach for athletes from all over the world. Christen is able to cover every spectrum of the athletic world through first hand experience, which exudes through her when she speaks. She is able to get to the core of your mental blocks without being invasive, and provides real life examples to help you overcome your adversities. She is so relatable yet informative, and I wouldn’t want to be inspired and guided by anyone but her. Her passion puts her in a league of her own, and I promise you will leave her with a newfound confidence and drive to take on the world.

Elizabeth Beisel

3x Olympian, World Champion, Captain of 2016 Women's Olympic Team

To say that Christen has found her gift is an understatement! Her talks are inspiring, vibrant, and transcends all aspects of life. She has a unique ability to evoke inner confidence, and her Confidence Nuggets are both a visual and a mental reminder of one’s inner strength. I don’t leave home without mine! I left her talk inspired, confident, happy and energized. She is a refreshing new voice to the age-old quest of courage, confidence and determination.

Madisyn Cox

US National Team. 2017 World Championships Bronze Medalist

Coach Christen is a voice our country, our teams and our girls need.
As a Dad with a daughter, I’m very grateful for her message.

Jon Gordon

Author of The Energy Bus and Training Camp

As an athlete that always took the “fake it til you make it” mentality, Coach Christen stepped in and motivated me to truly and honestly believe in myself and appreciate the gifts that I have been given. She is the only person that saw through me and broke down my fake exterior to help me rebuild a more authentic me. There would have come a time when I would have crumbled, but because Coach Christen caught me before I even knew I was falling, I owe her the world. I wouldn’t be the person or athlete I have become without her continuing to stand beside me and fortify me. She is along for the whole journey and not just a couple of steps.

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace

2008, 2012, 2016 Olympic Swimmer

I met Coach Christen at a Women in Coaching Conference right before I started a new coaching position at Arizona State University. Her presentation on confidence was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. It was so good, that I chose to have her come and speak to our team. It made a world of difference. I only wish I had heard her speak when I was a college athlete. Her tools on confidence can help anyone and everyone. Confidence is a skill that should be honed and practiced just like any other athletic skill in the pool or on the playing field. In fact, it is the underlying skill that helps athletes to have the courage and tenacity to perfect all the others.

Misty Hyman

Olympic Gold Medalist and Coach

Coach Christen is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She isn’t afraid to talk about the real issues that affect athletes. She is the first speaker that I didn’t want to miss a thing that she had to say.

Ryan Lochte

12x Olympic Medalist

Coach Christen has an incredible ability to connect with athletes. This ability to relate to athletes, and to understand their challenges, is what makes her such a fantastic speaker. Coach Christen’s candor and courage help to encourage those qualities in others. She is an incredible example for athletes, using her personal experiences and the experiences of others to help athletes build the bravery and honesty necessary to confront their fears. In her talks, Coach Christen builds an environment of trust, respect, and openness; an environment in which athletes feel comfortable confronting their fears, taking pride in their accomplishments, and sharing with others. Her courage and determination inspire others to confront their fears, and take responsibility for their own confidence.”

Eva Fabian

USA National Team, 2x Open Water World Championship Medalist

Coach Christen has this unique ability to take her experience as a successful athlete, coach and woman and blends it with her passion for instilling confidence and direction with such an authentic delivery that makes her one of the most dynamic speakers I have heard. Whether it is on an individual level as a confidence coach, or speaking to a large group, Coach Christen meets people where they are at, relates to them with transparency and wisdom, and inevitably leaves them feeling more secure in their capability to handle life and sports.

Ruth Riley

GM, San Antonio Stars. Olympic Gold Medalist USA Basketball. WNBA Champion. NCAA Champion.

The impact Coach Christen has had on my team cannot be over stated. She has the innate ability to connect with young people in a raw and honest way to address topics that are sometimes difficult to approach. I feel fortunate to call her a trusted colleague and would recommend her to just about anyone trying to take their game to the next level.

Mickey Wender

Head Swim & Dive Coach, West Point

When I first came to Coach Christen, I was a bit of a lost soul. I had little to no self-confidence and I allowed people, men especially, to make me feel unworthy. I began meeting with Christen weekly to help deal with my self-esteem issues. I continued meeting with her consistently and what I gained from those meetings was life-saving. She taught me how to build my self confidence from the floor up. Coach Christen taught me how to be an independent and strong woman by not only guiding me through my own journey, but by sharing her experiences from her journey. I came to her feeling helpless and, now I feel hopeful, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Kelsi Hall

All American Swimmer, ACC Champion

Coach Christen was our first speaker at the Women in Coaching Clinic in 2015. She got to the heart of the matter in building the confidence of female coaches and athletes. It was the perfect way to start our weekend and it set the tone for the entire conference. Everyone that attended WICC said she was one of the best parts of the weekend and she changed their mindsets on how they will speak about themselves and to their athletes in creating and building confidence. I can’t wait to have her back again!

Sarah Weitze-Holman

East Coast Clinic Director, Women in Coaching Clinic

Coach Christen came to speak with our swimmers and parents a year ago, and the team still talks about the positive impact she had on our group and team culture! She outlined a framework for building confidence that made sense to our athletes using engaging examples and stories. Christen also spoke with our team parents, underlining the importance of developing a whole person through athletics. She really got the message across.

Laura Mitchell

Head Age Group Coach/Owner of Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics - Cardinal site

Coach Christen taught me how to let go of who I thought I was supposed to be, in order for me to discover and to truly embrace who I really was. She guided me not only to the medal podium, but also to be a better person. She gave me one of the greatest gifts anyone could ever receive: confidence. Thanks to her, I’ve learned to meet life’s challenges head on. I know that I will never settle for anything less than I know I can achieve. She honestly changed my life and I am forever grateful for what she taught me and for what I learned from her.

Sofia Johansson

3x ACC Champion Swimmer, Former ACC Record Holder

I started working with Coach Christen during a WNBA season when I was struggling mentally and physically on and off the court. I lost confidence in my game and I also doubted whether or not I could continue to play at the top level. Coach Christen has worked with top athletes, therefore she knew exactly what I was dealing with. I can think of no one better for listening with open arms and non judgmental perspective. The positive energy that Coach Christen brings to every conversation motivates me to believe in myself! Having Coach Christen as my confidence coach, I have become a better person, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend and a better player.

Shay Murphy

WNBA Champion, Phoenix Mercury

Coach Christen is a genuine and passionate woman, who when speaking with our female athletes, empowered and encouraged them to seek more for themselves. Her own experience as an athlete and a female, and her willingness to be vulnerable and share exposed moments of her own life, allowed our female athletes to quickly relate and connect to the message. She definitely touched both hearts and minds that day, challenging them to love themselves more and support each other as young women. Powerful!!!

Christine Scheets

Director of Educational Enrichment Services at the University of Arkansas

Coach Christen has been a vital role in my success in the past two years. She is always so positive and has great insight about so much more than swimming. Coach Christen relates with athletes and understands how to motivate others to achieve their wildest dreams. She is truly a gem and will always be treasured in my heart!

Cammile Adams

2x Olympian, Captain of 2016 Women's Olympic Team

Since Coach Christen has started working with Dynamo Swim Club, we see a marked increase in courage and confidence in our athletes. They have moved beyond superficial confidence acquired through today’s social media, grade inflated, trophy for everyone world to a quiet internalized confidence that allows athletes to better manage the highs and lows of high performance sport.

Beth Winkowski

Associate Head Coach, Dynamo Swim Club

In just the short time that I’ve known and worked with Coach Christen, she immediately enhanced my life. It’s often difficult to separate my work from my private life but the relationship Christen and I developed greatly increased my confidence as a player, which positively effected my experiences outside of basketball as well.

Jasmine Thomas

WNBA Connecticut Sun

I had the opportunity to work with Coach Christen when she was coaching at SMU. She has such a positive nature, she brings support and energy to everyone that she works with. Being a woman and a former athlete, and working with some of the best athletes in the world, there is no doubt that she “gets it”.

Martina Moravcova

2x Olympic Silver Medalist, Former World Record holder, World Champion

For many years, I got to see first hand the difference that Coach Christen made in young women’s lives. She has a gift of motivating and inspiring, helping athletes feel more confident and capable. Every woman that meets with Coach Christen or hears her speak walks away feeling more confident in her ability to reach her dreams.

Randy Ableman

1996, 2000, 2004, 2012, 2016 US Olympic Diving Coach. Head Diving Coach at the University of Miami

Working with Coach Christen has been one of the highlights of my professional life. It is remarkable to witness her ability to engage her audience and earn their trust. She has the capacity to connect with the honest, raw, inner-most self to help reveal and strengthen the true spirit within. She possesses stunning empathy and insight and inspires those she works with to peel back those outside layers of false protection and bring to light that intangible thing that drives our passion and defines our individuality.

Beth Troutman

TV Host and Co-founder of Women in Truth

Coach Christen helped me become the person I was striving to be. She showed me new opportunities to rethink ourselves not only as incredible and unique athletes, but as independent and invaluable women. And to this day, I work hard to be the leader she inspired me to be.

Flavia Rigamonti

Swiss Olympic Swimmer, World Champion, European Champion, NCAA Champion

At a time when I was struggling to find my feet Coach Christen was more than just a coach to me, she was and still is a mentor. After many meetings full of tears, she helped me find the courage and the confidence to pursue my dreams. Her life experiences along with her amazing gift of listening enable her to give incredible advice. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Lucy Worrall

All-American Swimmer

Coach Christen was a huge help to me as I was going through the transition from being a college athlete to a WNBA rookie. With her guidance and support, I was able to grow not just as a player, but as a woman. I’m thankful for my time with her.

Courtney Clements

WNBA, Atlanta Dream and Chicago Sky

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